The Converted Skeptics

There's an old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Let me prove that wrong.

Don't knock it till you try it!

First, we have Evie Kabler -- my mama. Here she is in all her glory trying her first green smoothie. I have to give her a world of credit. She's always doing her best to live a healthy lifestyle by trying new things here and there, yet she has been a forever skeptic of drinking vegetables. The last time I drank green juice in front of her, she barely touched her tongue to the straw before wincing in pain. She couldn't even bring herself to take a sip and the waft was enough to send her running for the hills. She always raised us with the mentality of trying everything once. And that she did. With several tips from those around her, she whipped up a concoction that would be easy on her beginner taste buds. In my book, that deserves an A for effort!

And now for the mother ship, Ruthe Kabler -- aka Bubbe Ruthe, the hippest grandmother in all the land. She just celebrated her 90th birthday, and she still has more spunk than a high school cheerleading squad. Her kids famously tell stories of dinners she used to cook, roasting the meat until it was burnt to a crisp, everything well done, and making the same meals on rotation. And here she is in her prime whipping up a fruit and veggie smoothie in her brand new blender. She's spent years suffering from a few chronic health conditions, but she never lets that stop her from having a great time and being open to new ways of thinking and lifestyle habits.

These women are a great reminder for me, too. I'll admit it. So far this summer I may have had one too many glasses of rosé, stayed out past my bedtime, and eaten out more times than I've cooked at home. I've experienced day-after regrets and had the urge to never go out to eat again (which never lasted long). But when I look at these two beautiful role models, I can't help but remember that we are ALL HUMAN. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and start our whole lives over again tomorrow morning. Nor can we go back in time and erase what we did yesterday.

But we can impact what we do TODAY.

Wherever you are, start TODAY. Now. Here in this moment. It's all we have, and no matter where that is for you right here and now, it's never too late to start feeling great.

Will you join me?