How to Make a Big Ass Salad

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I’m all about sharing my chef secrets with you. You’re awesome and I want to make it as easy to cook healthy food as possible, so get ready for a prime tip coming your way. You’re about to learn my favorite formula for a delicious and nourishing lunch.

That formula is for one of my favorite lunches ever -- a B.A.S. (aka Big Ass Salad). I love this so, because you can make a zillion combinations and never get bored. All you need to do is master the formula for how to make this salad super satisfying and nourishing.

I’m warning you: this is easy. Once you get into your own groove, you’ll start to come up with your own combinations and dare I say gain culinary confidence. Gasp! You’ll never look back to your days of boring run-of-the-mill lunches. You’re welcome.

I present to you my formula for a B.A.S.

Add to a bowl in this order:

  1. Foundation of greens -- chopped into thin slivers if you want because it feels fancy

  2. Complex carbohydrate -- anything from brown rice to a pre-made grain salad to roasted sweet potatoes
  3. Protein -- can be garbanzo beans from the pantry, half a can of tuna, leftover chicken, or a cut up burger, doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you’re adding protein
  4. Extra Veg -- add anything that needs to be eaten, could be sliced onion, cherry tomatoes, a few slices of mushroom, you get the idea (if you’re buying vegetables at the grocery store, you should have a few items to choose from)
  5. Texture -- a must for maximum satisfaction, can be seeds (chia, sunflower, pepita), or a few nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews -- keep nut quantity to a closed fist-full amount)
  6. Drizzle of homemade dressing -- this is where you get your high quality fats, can be a drizzle of high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar (check for no sugar), or tahini and lemon, or something you’ve batch-cooked in your blender earlier in the week

And there you have it, you got your very own gourmet, one-of-a-kind, healthy B.A.S. The possibilities are truly endless. Knowing what you have in your fridge this week, what B.A.S. combo can you make this week? Tell me in the comments below!