Healthy corner store hacks

We've ALL been there...the empty fridge moment. That day when you run out of your batch-cooked meals after a few hearty days of eating (guilty!). OR you didn't go grocery shopping for the week and suddenly it's dinnertime with nothing in the house. It's too late to run to the supermarket, and the only thing open is takeout or the corner store. What's it gonna be?

You could go the takeout route. Yet that's not only expensive, but also potentially unhealthy. Those restaurants sneak in who-knows-what to your favorite sauce, and unless you get a peek at what goes on in their kitchen, you can never be sure. On the other hand, running to the corner store can save you money in between grocery store runs, and despite what you may be thinking, can actually be healthy. That is, if you know what to look for. 

In this week's Michelle's Minutes video, I take a trip to my local Brooklyn bodega so you can see what I do in a pinch. I'm dishing out all my tips for what to look for so you can stay healthy all week long without breaking the bank or your schedule. 

And now I'm gonna pass the mic over to you! Tell me how YOU stay healthy throughout the week. Do you have any favorite healthy hacks you turn to when you run out of groceries? Leave a comment below and join the conversation. The more we share, the more others are left inspired to live their healthiest life, and everyone wins. 

Thank you SO much for reading, watching, and being a part of my community. I am forever grateful to be on my health journey with you!

Happy and healthy,