[TIPS]: The healthiest holiday survival guide

Flash forward a few months to January. You feel foggy. Exhausted. Perpetually hungover. Almost like you've had two consecutive months of eating out. Work dinners, birthday dinners, friendsgiving, family thanksgiving. Just a typical holiday season right around the corner. Sounds dreadful, eh?

The good news is this hasn't happened yet! And I'm hooking you up so that you don't need to get to that point ever again. You've got me on your side. This year I crafted the ultimate EASY holiday survival guide. Whether you read this before your holiday madness begins or during a flurry of booked obligations, every little bit will help you feel your best. Follow this list so you feel connected to your body's needs, actually enjoy your festivities, minimize death-inducing hangovers and start the new year off feeling your best, BEFORE you get there.

I'm not going to sit on my broccoli-constructed throne and tell you what to do or not to do, what not to eat. In my experience life is all about balance -- good and bad, work and play, ying and yang. This guide is the easiest, healthiest guide because these tips are all lasting changes you can implement for any time in your life, not just the holiday season. My hope is that you'll take my words of experience with a grain of delicious salt. Try one or all of these tips on for size. Your body will let you know what works. And live the happiness and joy of the holiday season in all its glory! Who knows, you may just feel amazing and see that you can, in fact, have it all.



1. Stock the fridge with the key essentials.

Keep at least ONE leafy green handy (like spinach, swiss chard, kale, or dandelion greens). This can easily be added to soup reheats, sauce reheats, eggs, smoothies, and salads for a nutritional boost. This will not only add vitamins and nutrients to your bod, but help you excrete all the not-so-good stuff from the night before (aka poop). 

Keep easy breakfasts handy (like eggs, yogurt, quick-cooking oats, nut milks and frozen fruits for smoothies). Start your mornings off right no matter what, hungover or not. It's been said that breakfast sets up your entire day ahead, helping to balance blood sugar levels and impact the food choices you'll make the rest of the day. AND healthy breakfasts after a night of drinking actually help rid the body of toxins faster than the greasy food we often crave. Win/win.

2. Focus on the NEW comfort foods.

What is your body really craving? Chances are it's not the chocolate cake and bag of chips (but if the craving is real, go for it). Some other foods I've found uber-comforting are soups, herbal teas, scrambled eggs in coconut oil or grass-fed butter (even yummier for dinner), and roast chicken. I'm sure you have a whole other list that feeds your soul, so honor that!

3. Follow your gin + tonic with a healthy tonic.

Apple cider vinegar is nature's strongest cure-all. This will kill off any unwanted toxins, inhibit growth of any bad bacterias, and drastically lower inflammation (translation: bye-bye hangover). Try adding it to dressings, or make my simple ACV tonic recipe. If you do it once a week, amazing; bonus for incorporating it daily!

Ginger destroys the common cold. Try boiling this in water for a quick tea, or try my recipe for a Ginger Tonic. This has seriously been known to kill sickness in a matter of 2 days, just sayin'.

4. Sneak in sleep.

The coziest way to heal. It's cold, get under the covers. Late nights and early work meetings sometimes means our sleep will suffer, but do your best to sleep at least 8 hours a couple nights each week -- even if you need to pencil the early nights into your calendar. I find my sleep quality improves drastically if I stop electronic use 1-2 hours before bed, leave electronics out of the bedroom (yes, I use an old school alarm clock!), use blackout curtains, and sleep with the window cracked open (the cold air stimulates deeper REM sleep). It helps if you have delicious sheets and the best pillow under the sun.

5. Cultivate self care.

Every. Single. Day. Even when my schedule is slammed and I feel like I don't have a second to myself, I try and take small actions that support my emotional and spiritual well being. They sometimes seem insignificant while doing them, but they make a world of difference. For me, these usually look like morning journaling, morning and evening tea, walks after lunch, occasional chair massages, candlelit showers, and reading for pleasure before bed. When there's all sorts of crazy around me, this helps me feel more myself, so I can show up in the crazy as the awesome me that I am!

Now I want to hear from you! Let's inspire each other to thrive this season. Tell me, how do you plan on staying connected to your body during the holiday season?