How to set up your kitchen like a pro

I'm an expert in excuses. I've blurted out my fair share, I'm human after all. I know I'm the only one, right? (Cough, sarcasm.) Because I'm an expert, that makes me extra good at sniffing out when other people are full of it. And when I talk about getting back into your kitchen and cooking yourself healthy, I get a LOT of excuses. It usually goes something like this:

"My kitchen is too small to cook."
"I don't have any gadgets."
"I have bills, I can't spend $3,000 on brand new cooking gear!"

Listen, I get it. Whenever we're about to make a big life change like starting to cook more home-cooked meals, our ego (aka that persistent little voice inside our head that wants us to stay comfortable and small) starts to turn up the volume. The excuses are a-plenty, and you start thinking of every reason why it won't work. 

Whenever I hit a road bump and start coming up with lots of excuses, the first thing I do is acknowledge that I'm full of it! When I can call it like it is, I can then deal with it and move on. So, as your favorite healthy chef, I'm asking you to call it like it is. EXCUSES, BE GONE! Time to get back in your kitchen.

Good thing I have you covered. This week I'm giving you a super duper VIP tour of my headquarters: my love-filled, fully stocked kitchen. I show you the main essentials that I keep near and dear to my heart -- err, hands -- and absolutely can't live without! This way, you can start curating a magical kitchen of your own and start cooking your way to health and happiness. Ch-ch-ch-check it out:

And if you're interested in any of the products I mentioned in the vid, you can find them here:

I hope you have a blast setting up your kitchens! Tell me, what are some of your kitchen favorites? 

Happy and healthy,