Spring cleaning

It’s officially spring! I couldn’t be more excited, and probably not for the reason you think. Sure, the weather gets better and the sun shines longer. But this year, spring is calling me on a journey that has the potential to change the entire course of my life.

Have you ever heard your intuition speak loud and clear? That inner voice that speaks up for your highest self, guiding you towards goodness? This spring, I’ve been feeling a power greater than myself gently nudging me towards renewal. This force has grown stronger and stronger as the months go by. Call it intuition, call it god, whatever you want to name it, it’s loud and clear, and I’m listening.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this pull. In 2012, I spent six months of my life on a candida cleanse. Candida is a strain of bacteria that exists in every single body; it’s not BAD as long as there's the right balance between good bacteria and Candida. As soon as there's an imbalance, Candida can start taking over the body, which can cause several different health complications. At the time, I was dealing with several pesky conditions (cystic acne, chronic fatigue, migraines, hormone imbalances, digestive distress, monster sugar cravings), and rather than taking the prescribed medications that would treat my symptoms, I felt a pull to heal the root cause, naturally. I started cooking more at home, eating more nutrient-dense foods, and making lifestyle changes. Like magic, all my ailments started melting away.

Not only did they melt away, but this was the first time in my life I truly felt alive. Like I had lived my entire life with a foggy screen over my eyes, and never knew how colorful life could be until I finally restored balance inside. I'm so grateful I listened to my intuition to heal naturally, because this is the very experience that guided me to study health-supportive cooking and spread healthy living to each and every one of you. Without this experience, I wouldn't be here!  

With any health journey, there will never be an end point. For as long as we're alive, we are constantly listening to our ever-changing bodies as they tell us what they need. We make small choices on a daily basis to either support our greatest selves, or stand in our own way. It may come as a shock to hear that I'm learning right alongside you how to best listen to my own body! 5 years later, several of those pesky ailments have reappeared. I’m now dealing with skin issues, digestive distress, brain fog, headaches, and adrenal fatigue. It all snuck up on me, probably starting small and manageable enough that I didn't pay attention. And while the symptoms aren’t nearly as bad as they were in 2012, I can’t help but notice the similarities. I’ve continued eating healthy while balancing the introduction of sugar, dairy, and gluten in my diet. Over the years, as I've tested how much of these foods I can tolerate, I’ve also ignored my body’s signals, no matter how small they were. Now there is no more pretending, no more ignoring, and no more brushing these symptoms under the rug. I feel sick again.

My intuition is gently nudging me. I hear a voice inside reminding me of how it feels to be symptom-free, that it is possible, and that I must return to that state in order to fully show up in my relationships, my business, and my life. I know deep down what I need to do.

Now is the time to renew.

The word “renewal” is powerful. It means to be born again, or resuming an activity or state after an interruption. How fitting for this spring, as I start hearing the voices of my truest self, aching to be dusted off, renewed, and reawakened. With this spring, with this renewal, there’s nowhere new to get to. I’ve been completely healthy before – in fact, that healthy self never left me and still exists deep down within. She’s inside, buried under the food I’ve emotionally eaten, the drinks I’ve compulsively downed, and the limiting thoughts of my ego which have grown extraordinarily loud these past few months.

With renewal, it’s not a question of getting there, but rather stripping away all that stands in our way. You see, we have everything we need already within us. We are perfect, pure, and light just as we are. Renewal often means getting out of our own way, and that is just what I feel called to do now. Get out of my own way. Listen to my inner-knowing inside. Embark on this healing journey yet again.

Renewal is about returning to our truest selves, our core being, our unfiltered, uninhibited soul and essence. When that part of us is lit up and awakened, we feel truly ALIVE. We can listen to our bodies, nourish ourselves in the highest ways possible, and be of greatest service to others. Life flows easier. Life is magical. 5 years into this healthy life I've created for myself, and it seems my healing journey is just beginning. I have no idea what lies on the other side of this candida cleanse, but my intuition tells me it will be major, life-changing, and out-of-this-world incredible. Will you join me on my path to renewal? I hope you’ll cheer me on during throughout these next few months -- I’m definitely going to need it! 

Now I want to hear from you. What’s an area of your life that you feel called to renew? Where can you shed some more light and love, and what are you excited to embark on this season? I can’t wait to read where you are on your journey!

Happy & healthy,