[VIDEO]: The FREE Vitamin D

Depression is super taboo. As in, if you've ever experienced it and told someone how you're feeling, the first response -- either by you or your confidant -- is usually "don't tell anyone." Well, guess what?


I have struggled with seasonal depression. Maybe it was my 4 years at college in one of the snowiest, cloudiest cities in the country. Maybe it's in my DNA. Maybe it was years of being hooked on a vicious cycle of sugar and caffeine. Whatever the reason for as long as I can remember, my happiest months have always been when the temps were high and the sun was a-shining...while the winters were, let's just say, not so much. Anyone else? 

Which brings me to today. The cold weather is a-coming, and I am READY

Me soaking up the sun's delicious rays on an early March morning walk (pssst: it doesn't need to be beach weather to get your sunshine).

Me soaking up the sun's delicious rays on an early March morning walk (pssst: it doesn't need to be beach weather to get your sunshine).

I've spent years researching ways to combat this bad boy. As someone who is always looking for a holistic, natural approach, I really dove into this one. The first thing I learned through my research is that this is SO COMMON! Which meant that there had to be a reason why so many people got the winter blues. Then I learned that there are several factors that contribute to seasonal depression. And just one of the leading reasons Americans struggle is due to a Vitamin D deficiency. 

It makes sense. Over the last few centuries, humans have spent more and more time indoors. We are no longer hunting, gathering, roaming from city to city by foot. This day in age, you can successfully go days without stepping outside and still go about your work, errands, and home life thanks to garages, cars, and subways. And if you're a lady like me, you probably use face moisturizer or makeup with built-in SPF. Great for warding off skin damage-causing wrinkles, but this stuff blocks the most natural way to get Vitamin D into our body.

Newsflash: we need vitamin D. Not just for our happiness, but for all of our other bodily functions to happen. This is an essential vitamin for thriving. If you're reading this -- heck, if you're alive, awake, and breathing -- I know you have the desire to thrive. And after my extensive ongoing research on thriving in my own life (aka living life to the fullest), let me tell you, vitamin D is where it's at!

So, what to do about it? I'm here to tell you what's up in this week's Michelle's Monday Minute. Join me on my Brooklyn rooftop in the video below (this is one of my top favorite places to get my sunshine, shhh don't tell my landlord). Then leave a comment to share how you stay happy in the colder months. We're in this together, friends!

[DISCLAIMER: Michelle Kabler is not a doctor. The pointers referenced in this article and video portray one individual's experience, and should not be treated as medical advice. If you or someone you know is experiencing depression symptoms, please consult a medical professional.]