What to eat to be healthy

One of my go-to batch-cooked lunches: crispy chicken thigh over all the veggies. So good for me, but is it right for you?

One of my go-to batch-cooked lunches: crispy chicken thigh over all the veggies. So good for me, but is it right for you?

Every time I tell someone I'm a healthy chef, they jump into telling me all the things they eat, as if they're trying to seek approval.

"I eat healthy, I have my greek yogurt every morning." [eagerly staring at me for my response]

"I switched from peanut butter to almond butter!" [eagerly staring at me]

"I tried Paleo for a week and felt amazing." [more eager stares]

I usually smile and join them in their excitement. After all, they're excited about the healthy changes they've made in their lives, and that is no small feat! But what they're seeking -- approval, validation, direction -- they will never get from me. I believe this is rooted in a deeper societal problem.

We underestimate our OWN power, and place all the responsibility and power on others. And here's the thing. No one can ever tell you how to be healthy.

Looking to someone else -- whether it's a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, or significant other -- to dictate everything you need to do to be healthy is forfeiting ALL of your responsibility to another human. It's like asking your friend to plan all of your activities on vacation, and then being held like a prisoner to their itinerary even when you don't want to go on the 100th museum tour. Would you do that? Hell no, you're a grown-ass woman in charge of your own time on your own hard-earned vacation! OR it's like having your grandmother pick out your clothes through adulthood, even though your ideas of an appropriate neckline are vastly conflicting. I'm sure you want a say in where your neckline falls, amiright?

As an adult, eating well is no different than your basic adulthood rights of passage. When it comes to your health, you are your sole provider. It is your own individual responsibility to take the utmost care of yourself. Not mine, not your moms, but our own. 

I know what you may be thinking...does this mean we should ignore all the health advice out there? Oh, HELL NO! Read up on everything (especially on michellekabler.com!😝), research the parts about healthy living that light up that spark inside, and go where it feels warm. Just remember that no one person, book, or nutrition fad can dictate your entire life, can tell you right and wrong, or good and bad. Think of all that advice as information to help you figure out your own journey. Pretty magical, huh?

The next time you feel conflicted about how to be healthy, what to eat to feel most alive, or what to believe, follow these 3 easy steps to clarity:

  1. REFLECT // Close your eyes. Take a cleansing, deep breath. Travel back in time to a moment when you felt most alive. When you were on top of the world, in your best state of health ever, and loving life. What did that look like for you? How did you spend your days? Who did you spend your time with? What were the specific rituals or activities throughout your day that contributed to that vitality? Hold that vision at the forefront of your mind and spend some time there. Get cozy and stay a while.
  2. WRITE // Once you are clear about this vision of the healthiest, most vibrant time in your life, start writing it down in your journal. What came up for you during that reflection? What were the specific rituals and activities you were doing that brought you that divine feeling of health and happiness? Make a list of everything you were doing -- perhaps it was morning meditation, time spent outside daily, socializing with your best friends, attending a workout class 3x/week. Whatever it was, the more specific, the better.
  3. TAKE ACTION // Now that you have a clear map of what makes YOU feel like the healthiest you, you can start taking actions to bring you back to that happy place. Start with 1 action, and build up your muscle to more actions as you continue with this practice. Maybe you meditate tonight before bed. Or start up your home-cooked dinner routine again. Whatever it is, start small and build from there. The more you do what makes you feel the best, the easier it is to navigate through all the health information out there.

These 3 steps are just the beginning of your best life ever. You'll find so much grounding in this self-care reset. You'll start giving yourself credit for actually already knowing what you need to feel most alive. And as you continue gathering more health information (what to eat to feel well, new supplements to try, new workouts that are all the rage), you'll be able to incorporate these new practices with ease. No black-and-white, good-and-bad, all-or-nothing. But rather leaning into each new addition to explore if it feels right for YOU. And that, my dear, is all that really matters.

Now I want to hear from YOU! Was this helpful to read? What are the things you've done to make you feel the most healthy in your life? Tell me in the comments below! So much love and gratitude for you.

Happy & healthy,