do you cook because you "have to," but desperately wish it took less time?

are you bored and uninspired every time you're in the kitchen?

have you wasted time at the grocery store roaming the isles, unsure of what to buy?

do you buy food that "looks good" at the store, only to throw it away at the end of the week before it gets cooked?

are you afraid of your kitchen, but think you should start cooking to truly be healthy?

is the majority of your food budget going towards restaurant takeout and prepared foods?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, my private one-on-one cooking classes are for you. No more throwing your hard-earned money in the trash at the end of the week, no more wasting precious time at the store, and no more boring homemade meals. Healthy cooking is easy, fun, and a true labor of love when you have the right chef tricks up your sleeve. That's why I'm offering my most popular package of 3 private cooking classes. You, me, and delicious, healthy, home-cooked goodness.


Curious how COOKING CLASSES work?

We'll meet one-on-one 3 times for 2 hours at a time. We can meet virtually over Skype, or in your home in the Richmond, VA area. Each class is fully customized to your needs, desires, and skill levels. I will tailor all dishes to the kitchen tools already in your kitchen so you can cook again and again when our classes end.

Before each class, I'll send you a grocery shopping list so we can begin each class fully prepared. We'll be cooking together without any recipes -- using our intuition and all 5 senses to grow our kitchen confidence. Don't you worry, I'll send all the recipes after each class so you can re-create your favorite dishes. 

All of our recipes are meant to be healthy staples in your weekly meal repertoire, meaning you can make them again and again, mixing and matching with other foods, and never getting tired of them. Cooking with me also means I'll share books, tools and tons of recommendations to kick-start your cooking journey. The possibilities are truly endless.


Are you ready to create true sustainable health in your everyday life? Are you ready for private cooking classes?

If the answer is YES, or even if you still have questions, schedule a FREE session with me now and I'll walk you through the details.

I can't wait to speak with you!