What happens when we try our best to eat healthy, wholesome food, but our busy lifestyles get in the way? For some, this is a recipe for disaster -- work snacks are more tempting and weekday takeout feels like the only option.

Meet your new best friend:

Healthy Meal Delivery

Whether you need daily lunches to provide energy and nutrition throughout the workday, or dinners for your family throughout the week, menus are customized to your dietary and schedule needs. All meals focus on real ingredients, using seasonal, organic produce, sustainably raised animal proteins, and the highest quality whole foods. Each meal provides a balanced serving of protein, complex carbohydrates, and good fats. Expect improved digestion, better mood, increased energy, and more time to enjoy your life.

Currently serving Washington, DC. Pricing is determined based on the number of meals and days.

Interested in hearing more? Schedule a free session with me to walk through all the details. I can't wait to hear from you!

BREAKFAST: lavender honey granola, cashew cream, fruit compote
LUNCH: coconut chicken salad over wakame, cucumber + bloog orange salad
SNACK: vegetable pate, crudite
DINNER: paleo crab-cakes, avocado cream, mango salsa, wilted greens
DESSERT: berry-ginger granita

Sample Menu 1

BREAKFAST: salmon avocado nori wraps
LUNCH: creamy cauliflower dill soup, homemade paleo-bread, sunflower seed spread
SNACK: Oatmeal energy bites, fresh fruit
DINNER: middle-eastern lamb burger lettuce wraps, watermelon salad, herbed grains
DESSERT: chocolate peppermint truffle

Sample Menu 2

BREAKFAST: grain-free banana pancakes, coconut cream
LUNCH: winter squash and kale tacos, black bean salad, guacamole
SNACK: detox fruit salad, seed crackers
DINNER: grilled beef tenderloin + veggie kebobs, veggie spears
DESSERT: minty melon chia pudding

Sample Menu 3