Michelle makes healthy food beautiful

“I packed my lunch today on auto-pilot. Reaching into my fridge for micro greens and cumin roasted carrots and the amazing Turmeric Tahini dressing that is Michelle’s signature. And then I stopped and realized I was eating healthy things because I wanted to, because my taste buds had changed, because I was more educated, because my chef, my coach Michelle Kabler had done such amazing work with me. Michelle makes healthy food beautiful and the learning journey fun.”  

Paul, Advertising CEO

Her cooking has increased our quality of life in a meaningful way

We love and look forward to Michelle's healthy meal delivery, which particularly saved me during pregnancy when I was managing gestational diabetes. Michelle's meals are wonderfully flavorful and varied, thankfully sparing me from the repetitiveness of cooking for myself. Eating at restaurants or ordering in with gestational diabetes is impossible given all the hidden sugar, so I was not only able to have delicious and satisfying food, but I was also able to enjoy it with the peace of mind that the ingredients and preparation were excellent, healthy, and specifically tailored to my nutritional needs and restrictions.  We are so grateful to have her cooking in our lives; it really has increased our quality of life in a meaningful way.

Taylor, NYC mom

Michelle has been doing meal delivery for our family for the last 18 months and I don't know what we'd do without her! She started providing dinner right before our first child was born and elegantly catered to my pregnancy cravings and restrictions and my nutritional needs as a nursing new mother. It was such a relief to have healthy home cooked meals prepared so I didn't have to worry about what we were going to eat or worse order take out every night and I could focus on enjoying my time with my daughter. She is always creative with the menus and is able to incorporate incredible seasonal variety and is very good about incorporate preferences and avoiding foods that we can't eat. She was able to work with my needs when I developed a thyroid condition and the help nourish me in advance and during my second pregnancy. I have since expanded Michelle's services to also include healthy lunches for us to continue on a path to well being. I would recommend Michelle's food delivery to any individual or family looking to make sure they stay nourished in a healthy and sustainable way. I think her value add for new mother's or families is invaluable and have also suggested my friends work with Michelle! 

JL, NYC mom

I don't know what we'd do without her

Some of the best food I've ever eaten - period.

"I was nervous and a little unsure about doing Whole30 and knew that I couldn't begin to do it alone. I talked to Michelle about what I wanted to achieve, and knew immediately that I had made the right choice. What I got was some of the best food I've ever eaten - period. Something as straightforward as a turkey burger was a whole new taste bud experience. I'm not kidding. I could eat those turkey burgers every day for the rest of my life. Every single meal was prepared with such love and care, and you could tell in each bite. I've done several different food delivery services and the food Michelle prepared was by far the best. Anyone who is thinking about doing meal delivery, for dietary reasons or just because they want amazing food made by an amazing chef, should work with Michelle."  

Molly, Creative Director

Everyone was raving about the food

"I hired Michelle as a chef for my retreat. I had very specific requirements of providing meals that both nourished and grounded the participants, without being too heavy. Furthermore, with 13 women, everyone had different individual requirements--no gluten, no eggs, no this, no that, more of this...oh, boy! Needless to say, Michelle handled it gracefully. Everyone was RAVING about the food and couldn't wait for their delicious and nourishing meals. Michelle carefully thought out the meal plan and was very knowledgeable about the food and its healing properties. I especially feel as if Michelle's extra ingredient, love, played an integral part of the healing at the retreat! We loved her so much that we hired her again for the next retreat!" 

Natalie Berthold, Family Constellation Therapist

"This fall I was drowning in work, finding no time to shower let alone plan my husband's birthday party, so when I heard about Michelle's personal catering services I jumped. Weeks before Michelle sent me a custom menu for the party, everything was perfect, dead on. She was calm, clean, and efficient. A real joy to have around and kept my stress level down. I'm the kind of person who wants to do everything by myself. But hiring Michelle was the best decision I ever made. Instead of being totally stressed out all day, I was able to relax and enjoy myself! As a result, I was so much more present for my husband on his birthday and was truly able to show him how much I love him." 

Sarah Jenks, Founder of Live More Weigh Less

The best decision I ever made

She eliminates all cooking anxiety

"Michelle's cooking is amazing!  Her food is so delicious, healthy and wholesome -- I wanted to hire her for life on the spot!  She is so loving and relatable when she teaches her cooking lessons -- making everything simple and easy-to-follow.  Having Michelle in your kitchen eliminates all the cooking angst and anxiety.  I'm so excited to continue eating her yummy foods and learning her brilliantly simple ways of how to make food healthy and easy to prep for meals."

Jordana Jaffe, Business Strategist

Recipes are totally delicious and doable

"Michelle's class was fun and informative!  I really enjoyed learning about everything from purchasing items and making smart choices in the store, through the prep and cooking, to laying the food out to be served.  The recipes were totally delicious, and totally doable.  In fact, I made one of them the next day with ingredients I already had at home.  Michelle is so much fun to be around and really at ease in the kitchen.  It was inspiring!"

Julie Rath, Founder of Rath & Co.

"Bliss Out Retreats loves Michelle Kabler! Michelle provided her culinary talent for our 4-day wellness retreat in Rincon, Puerto Rico. We were amazed at her attention to detail and organization, with everything from menu options to ingredient and equipment inventory, to preparing foods with essential oils and considering dietary needs--her talent was invaluable. Our guests were thrilled with her delicious, creative meals and came back for seconds - and often, thirds! She is so knowledgeable about healing foods for digestive and immune conditions, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and essential oils. We are so grateful to have Michelle chef our retreat and highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a Natural Foods Chef for events, workshops, and retreats! She's a gem!"

Fern Langham, yoga instructor

Her talent is invaluable