Do you work crazy hours and drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day just to keep your focus?

Are you a slave to sugary office treats and work drinks? Followed by workout fixes, juice cleanses, and swearing off all bad habits to erase the damage?

Is it difficult to wake up in the morning, and do you spend hours daydreaming about sleep?

Wouldn't it be nice to power through your workouts and have the time and energy to grow and nurture your social life?

Are you fed up with the yo-yo lifestyle and want to start over?

Do you fantasize about escaping to an all-inclusive health retreat on white sandy beaches with crystal clear water to reset your life? 

If this hits home for you, you're not alone. The reality is, running away to fix your problems just doesn't work. Everything will be waiting for you when you return. How do I know? I've been there. I've sat through meditation classes, yoga immersions, wellness weekend retreats, and countless health coaching calls. But it wasn't until I spent time in my kitchen preparing nourishing, home-cooked foods that I started feeling truly alive. The best part about creating a more balanced lifestyle was that I did it all while keeping my full time job and staying IN my life. I didn't have to run away. Allow me to introduce:


A 6-week one-on-one mentorship program that will help you reboot your life, starting in your kitchen.

Your wellbeing depends on you taking the utmost care of your body. We have one body to last us this entire lifetime. And when we learn how to cherish, honor, and care for her in her own unique way, pure magic happens. The Real Life Retreat will help you to have more energy, clarity, and focus in all areas of your life. You'll discover a new baseline of health that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life even as you navigate the demands of your work, family, and social life. We'll focus on feeding your body with home-cooked, simple, healing foods. I know what you may be thinking... 

"I hate to cook. Can't I just find healthy food delivery?"

"I don't know how to cook. Does toast count?"

"I have the saddest, smallest, NYC kitchen. I keep sweaters in my oven."

"I barely have time to pee in between meetings, what makes you think I have time to cook?"


Behind that voice inside your head, you know deep down in your heart that something has to change. Here's what I know to be true:

Not mine, not your mom's, but yours. Your lasting vitality begins with you getting comfortable in your own kitchen, cooking simple, healthy meals, and feeding yourself. Literally. 

Stop making excuses about your small kitchen or lack of experience. Just get cooking.

This is the blueprint of your busy, awesome lifestyle Cook once a week and you're set up for anything life throws your way. A few short hours once a week will add years to your life. 

When we cook, we don't just add ingredients to a plate. The energy of your food transforms into a dish because of what you put into it. And it becomes even more spiritual when you put that energy into the dish yourself.

Life is easier with the support of others. With community on your side, your health will take off to new heights.


Lucky for you, we'll explore this and more in our time together. Here's all the goodness you'll experience in your own Real Life Retreat:

  • One-on-one conversations diving into why not feeling your best is holding you back, and devising a loving, no-nonsense plan to get you to where you want to be
  • A private, virtual cooking class in our kitchens, where we'll batch cook a meal together
  • Check-ins along the way to navigate your normal life while you're implementing your new lifestyle
  • Unlimited access to me throughout the entire time together, for those "oh, shit" hair-pulling moments
  • Guided worksheets to help you go deeper along the way
  • Fun books, shared uniquely for your journey
  • Creating your new superpower lifestyle, including:
    • Recipe and meal planning tips for nutrient-dense, home-cooked whole foods
    • A delicious morning and evening routine, customized for you
    • Gratitude, meditation, and mindful movement practices
    • Strategies for when the "real world" gets crazy
    • Customized tool-kit to create a retreat in any environment

I'm inviting you to attend the most luxurious, juicy, loving retreat. Where your cravings for a better life will be fed, and your new rituals will envelope your life with ease, love, and most importantly FUN. Where I will guide you to become the queen of your life, mastering your career, relationships, health, and vitality. It starts with you, in your kitchen, right this moment.

Are you ready to join me in your very own, unique, Real Life Retreat?

The greatest gift of the Real Life Retreat is that all of this goodness is wrapped into one gorgeously crafted package with your name on it. The support and the loving environment for self-reflection, self-care, and self-nourishment is unique to you, and will be available for you to seek delicious solace for the rest of your life. That's my promise to you.

Your investment for your very own Real Life Retreat: $1,500 (or 3 payments of $500). Are you ready?

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